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Dr. Bryniarski's Continuing Medical Education:

Excelsius Robot Training, Globus Medical                                                     Feb, 2018, King of Prussia, PA 
Complex Surgical Approaches to the Skull Base - Weill-Cornell                  Dec, 2017, New York, NY 
Gamma Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery Training                                        Jul, 2016, Pittsburgh, PA 
CO2 Neuro Laser Training                                                                              Aug, 2011, Oklahoma City, OK
Surgical Approaches to the Skull Base                                                          Apr, 2011, St. Louis, MO
Microsurgery of Aneurysms                                                                           Mar, 2011, St. Louis, MO
Less Invasive Spine Surgery Techniques                                                      Mar, 2011, St. Louis MO
Cerebral Revascularization, Microanastomosis, and EC-IC Bypass                 Feb, 2011, St. Louis, MO
Microsurgical Approaches to the Brain, Ventricles, and Skull Base Apr, 2010, Gainesville, FL
Lumbar Arthroplasty Training - ProDisc-L, Synthes Apr, 2010, Dallas, TX             
Microsurgical Reanastomosis Course, University Hospital Zurich                  Sep, 2009, Zurich, Switzerland
Microsurgery of Aneurysms                                                                              Mar, 2009, St. Louis, MO
Cervical Arthroplasty Training - ProDisc-C, Synthes                                       Aug, 2008, Denver, CO 
Cervical Arthroplasty Workshop - Prestige Artificial Disc, Medtronic            Feb, 2008, Denver, CO 
Cerebral Revascularization and Microanastomosis Techniques                     Jan, 2008, St. Louis, MO
Minimal Access Spinal Technologies, Medtronic                                             Jan, 2008, San Diego, CA
Marquiz Visit Cadaveric Lab, Nuvasive                                                            Dec, 2007, San Diego, CA
Vagal Nerve Stimulation Training, Cyberonics                                                Nov, 2007, Denver, CO
Less Invasive Technologies Symposium, Stryker                                           Sep, 2007, Las Vegas, NV
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Abbott Spine                                            Jul, 2007, Chicago, IL
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, IST                                                           Jul, 2007, Denver, CO
X-Stop IPD System Training, Kyphon                                                             Mar, 2007, Denver, CO  
International Congress on Cerebral Revascularization                                  Jan, 2007, St. Louis, MO
Balloon Kyphoplasty Training, Kyphon                                                           Nov, 2006, Denver, CO
Microsurgery Course, Methodist Research Inst.                                            Aug - Oct, 2005, Indianapolis, IN
Operative Techniques with the Masters                                                         Jun, 2005, St. Louis, MO
Surgical Approaches to the Skull Base                                                           Apr, 2005, St. Louis, MO
Advanced Pneumatic Instrumentation for Neurosurgeons, Midas Rex Inst  Apr, 2005, St. Louis, MO
Microsurgery of Aneurysms                                                                            Mar, 2005, St. Louis, MO
Microsurgical Approaches to Brain Tumors                                                    Feb, 2005, St. Louis, MO
AO ASIF Spine Course, AO North America                                                      May, 2004, Charleston, SC
Surgical Approaches to the Skull Base                                                           Apr, 2004, St. Louis, MO 
Research Update in Neuroscience for Neurosurgeons                                   Nov, 2001, Woods Hole, MA